Beat the Pro - New York


Try your luck at beating the #1 backgammon giant in the world. 

When & Where

Tuesday, January 16th, 7-11p

Saturday, January 20th, 7-11p

11th New York Metropolitan Open

Hyatt Jersey City, NJ


Players can play alone or join up with up to 2  partners.  If more than one person it will  be played like a doubles match with the players consulting over the moves.


3 pt Match - $100

      Prizes for Beating Mochy- Basic USBGF Membership or a Backgammon Book
7pt Matches -  $200-$1000

         Deduction of 10% of winnings to cover expenses

Match lengths may change to accommodate as many players as possible

Autograph & Picture available for all players

Match Video, XG Recording, Analysis by BLC Instructor of 3 errors - $75

$25 Fee for anyone that is not playing a NY Metro Tournament or attending the BLC boot camp

More Info

No advance registration is required but first come first served.  You can opt to play Mochy as frequently as time permits and time slots are open during the course of the evening. If the turnout is large other pro’s will also be available.   You will be assigned a starting time each time you register or re-register. You need to be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to the time assigned to you in case Mochy is free earlier.

Don't Forget!

Join us for the the 11th New York Metropolitan Open runs from January 17th-21st