Stop Pot Tournament


A multiple tier multiple entry tournament that allows you to play as much or as little as you want

When & Where

Sunday, January 14th 11:30a-9p 

Hyatt Place, 90 SW 18th Ave., Dania Beach, Florida  33004​

Phone:  954-922-0271


A player may enter in any round. If a player wins he can keep his winnings and withdraw after any of the first 3 rounds. If a player loses he may reenter as many times as time permits in any round at the fee for that round.

Fees double for each round.  Players can be matched up at any time other players are available for the round they wish to play in.  For example,  if we have players wanting to play at $200 earlier than 3 PM they can play.   

Fees (90% Return)

Open                                 Intermediate
All Matches 7 pts                     All Matches 5 pts
Round 1 - $100                      Round 1 - $50
Round 2 - $200                      Round 2 - $100

Round 3 - $400                      Round 3 - $200

Playoffs - $800                       Playoffs  - $400

More Info

Round 1 Registration Closes at 1:30PM
Round 2 Registration Closes at 3:00PM
Round 3 Registration Closes at 4:30 PM
Play-Off Round Starts at 6:30 PM 

Registration Closing Times are predicated on a play-off field of 8.  We reserve the right to change closing times due to a  contraction or expansion of the field. If byes occur first choice will be to sell these at the appropriate equity value of the position. If no buyers for the byes, then they will be awarded by lottery. 

Don't Forget!

The Sunny South Florida Backgammon Championships are on January 28th